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Now YOU’LL Be Able To FORGET YOUR BACK PAIN And Live Your Life To Its Fullest…
WITHOUT Expensive Procedures, Treatments Or Drugs!
Do you have a BACK PAIN that just won’t go away?

Maybe you’ve recently been in a car accident, or suffered a sports injury. Maybe something happened at work, or maybe it’s due to herniated or slipped discs.

It doesn’t matter really what the reason is – if you have back pain that you’d really like to get rid of, I have good news for you.

You’ll be up and around with little or no effort on your part…
Even if right now you are lying in your bed and are afraid to move
When you are healthy as a horse, life is easy. You can do whatever you want, go wherever you want and be as active or as lazy as you like.
Until a crippling back pain strikes and the simplest of tasks become an impossible nightmare when you can’t get out of bed or stand up or get to the bathroom or to the kitchen or open the refrigerator or the micro.
All of a sudden, your options become very limited and your life changes in a heartbeat.
I’ve seen it countless times with my patients.
And then the side-effects of severe back pain takes hold. Problems at work. Depression. Giving up your favorite things in life. No exercise. No social life anymore.
The back pain makes you feel irritable, depressed and miserable.
Heck, even walking around your house becomes a chore! Life sure does change.
You don’t have to suffer anymore – if you want to turn things around, here’s your chance!
After years of research, I’ve created a back support belt that actually WORKS – for everyone.
Become the healthy, happy person you’ve always been – in less than a week!
The Original Ortho Back-Up Belt
The One Solution That Will RELIEVE YOU… Not Your Wallet!

The Ortho Back-Up is state-of-the-art, uniquely designed,

light weight and comfortable. It Will…

Immediately improve your posture
Reduce lumbar compression
Improve neurological flow
Provide better circulation
Provide lumbar spine stability
Of course, unlike a lot of competing products, it’s
FDA registered
Medicare Approved (your insurance may reimburse it if your doctor prescribes it!)
And comes with a Lifetime Warranty
“Why Ortho Back-Up Belt Works When Others Fail”

A unique design which helps manage lower back pain by creating a counter-force pressure that reduces load on all the vital points
Properly utilizes your own muscles to stabilize your lower back without you even noticing it
It’s not squeezing you out of breath – and neither is it too weak. The unique components and design makes it possible to provide the perfect blend of support and freedom!
Ortho Back-Up Belt is suited to all waist sizes – it has been tested on people of all possible sizes to ensure it is good for everyone

$57.00 $24.95


My name is Dr. Newman

I know a thing or two about crippling back pain and back supporting belts.

Trust me, it is heartbreaking to watch an otherwise healthy man or woman beg for help, beg for a relief of feeling sick and tired of excruciating back pain.

I started looking around for a good back support belt to help my patients but nothing seemed to work.

I felt embarrassed after patients tried one belt after another, still had the back pain and worse yet, had extreme discomfort from the very belt I recommended.

And you probably know this too… that almost every other back support belt out there is not really that good at all, to put it mildly. They’re all either too loose to do the job or too tight up to the point of squeezing the breath out of you.

In one word, most of the belts out there can be described as TORTURE, not much better than the back pain itself. And then there are those that do nothing at all.

Then it dawned on me. I realized I could, in fact, I knew I had to make a better back support belt. I owed it to my patients who depended on me. And I had the key. I knew exactly what needed to be done. I had the years of clinical experience under my belt.

I knew the back support belt I had in mind would be fully supportive yet so comfortable it would allow my patients to wear it while working, exercising, sleeping, driving, playing, even working in the yard – giving them hours of relief from their agonizing back pain.

I spent two years working on it – after all, we had to make sure the design of Ortho Back-Up Belt creates a counter-force pressure to reduce the load on discs, facet joints and muscles – and meets the rigorous standards by FDA/Medicare.

But that’s enough of doctor-talk.

I am proud to say that Ortho Back-Up Belt is a Back support belt that actually works. And not only am I ready to put my money where my mouth is – you’ll see in a minute, but the FDA approved my unique back support for full reimbursement!

Don’t Be A Hero!
You DON’T Have To Put Up With That Pain If You Don’t Want To

Remember those bright sunny days, how it felt to get outside knowing how easy it was to do anything you pleased – gardening, playing with the kids, going for walks – or just sitting there, comfortable without a worry on your mind?

Remember how bright the sun was shining, how easy it was to do anything you set your mind to?

Remember how it was before you were suffering from constant back pain?

Now, you can have it all back thanks to the Ortho Back-Up Belt.

You can wear it anywhere, anytime, during any activity – and be the best you can be without worrying about your back.

Over the clothes, under the clothes – it works great either way.

Triple ply, so it “wicks” promoting evaporation and comfort.

And forget about sweating – the straps are made of 100% cotton so that your body is able to breathe.

Look At What Other Satisfied Users Have to Say About The
Ortho Back-Up Belt
When do I wear the belt? Whenever my back hurts. Melissa Strickland

December 22, 2011

I really LIKE this Belt! Roseangela Anderson

Jan 5, 2012

I wear it ALL the time! Richard Pratt

May 12, 2012

Are these people any different than you?

No, they are not. They come from all sorts of backgrounds. Their back pain has various causes, yet they are very satisfied with their purchase of the Ortho Back-Up Belt. You could join the ranks of the satisfied users that have relieved themselves of their back pain right now by clicking one of the large orange order buttons.

$57.00 $24.95


Not Only A Pain Reliever

Not only is the Ortho Back-Up Belt a solution to your back pain problems, it can also serve as a helpful injury and pain prevention aid.

You could use it to relieve your back of everyday stress and strain – no matter what it is you do.

If you work long hours sitting in your chair – the Ortho Back-Up Belt will help you have correct posture to avoid problems in the future.

If you are straining your back lifting things in your job – the Ortho Back-Up Belt will help your muscles keep the back straight, minimizing the possibilities of an injury.

The Ortho Back-Up Belt will correct your posture by stabilizing the natural curvature of your back and prevent you from the risk of ever having a back pain again.

FDA Registered – Medicare Approved – Lifetime Warranty

It is fully FDA registered and Medicare Approved (Code L-0627).

And since it is the best product out there – Naturally, It comes with a LIFETIME WARRANTY.

How Much Will This Pain Relieving Back Support Cost
Now that you know that
The Ortho Back-Up Belt is one of the best back support belts out there
It is designed with customers in mind by professional doctors
It will not only RELIEVE you of your back pain but will also PREVENT from anything like this happening again
It is 100% legit, FDA registered and medicare approved AND comes with a lifetime warranty
And yet, it doesn’t even cost one third of what similar products (or treatment) cost!
Let’s compare
Visiting chiropractors (10 visits at $80 each) = $800
Visiting massage therapists (10 visits at $60 each) = $600
Visiting personal trainers (10 sessions at $50 each plus gym membership $100) = $600
I could go on mentioning even more esoteric solutions that people have turned to like specialized therapy practitioners, bodywork therapists, naturopaths…

But you get the idea.

The Ortho Back-Up Belt, a back support belt that actually works, could be yours for only as little as

$57.00 $24.95

Now, you have a decision to make.

You could continue trying to cope with your back pain… or, if it’s gone, risk getting it again, this time spending a week or two in bed…

Or, you could get yourself the Ortho Back-Up Belt and RELIEVE yourself of that nagging back pain almost immediately – and also prevent it from happening in the future!

Get one now – it’s safe with the lifetime warranty and all the approval processes we had to go through – and start living your life to its fullest.

$57.00 $24.95

Sincerely, Dr. Alan D. Newman